Hey there, I'm Chay Levi Shields

I'm 19 Years Old, Online Entrepreneur and Full Stack Web Developer, and Crypto Investor

I have many management experiences, I love working in Online Management for 3 Years Now, I Love keeping myself busy and managing Project Keep me busy.

I have had numerous different responsibilities and some of them included but not limited to

  • Proposed plans and implement them
  • Dealt with public relations
  • Establishing a forward-thinking culture
  • Pitching sales and working with investors
  • Generate direct conversions
  • Developed strategic objectives and direction

I can handle all financial management within the business, Some of my skills are but are not limited to

  • Making sure the company has a sufficient liquidity
  • Creating budgets, price calculators & accounting
  • Forecasted future challenges & performances
  • Analyzing every financial option

Community engagement

As a manager, I had to deal with the community, this was something I really enjoyed doing, from creating the discord announcements all the way up to answering tickets created on the discord. Not only do I work behind the scenes, I’m an actual active player, noticing when players are annoyed by bugs, rule breakers… 

Managing Your Team, But not limited to

  • Staff Meeting ( Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • Staff Organization
  • Staff Planning
  • Working with the staff to keep company morale to its highest


When being Hired I work out a management strategy so I know the monthly and yearly goals so I know where the company want to be, I work with the directors and Staff to grow and market the company within their field.

Interested? Contact me!

Visit the contact page to find various ways of contacting me.

Latest Reviews

Chay Levi Shields has helped me with my projects quite significantly. He has helped me get access to contacts I have not had for builders and more. He's also given me indepth advice as to what players want and can easily get into the groove of any project.
This is his name
Toby (Xilla.Tech)
Handled PayPal payments and general ticketing, Can trust Chay (ImTrash) With payment he always paid me ontime and was well organised. His Management Skill are Outstanding.

Areeb (GetClout)
I contacted Chay Shields after another website firm ripped me of ( Charging me (300 Pound) a month, He worked with me 1 on 1 to Design me a brand new website, Done meeting in person and now manages my website,hosting and website security for ALOT less, I can't thank Chay enough
Harbour Cabs 

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