Hey there, I'm Chay Levi Shields

I'm 20 Years Old, Online Entrepreneur and Management Specialist

About me

Chay Shields, Full Stack Web Developer have been in the field for the last 3 years so far, specialized in Web Development, Management. I work 1-1 with my clients to create the most eye appealing website and Fully custom coded.

Chay Levi Shields
Entrepreneur & Full Stack Website Developer 
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My Values

I have been a Full Stack Website developer for 3 Years now, and many satisfied clients and recurring clients therefore, I can guarantee that all of my produced work is refined and at the highest quality.
I provide premium customer service to all of my clients. I value every client and will provide the highest quility work and will give support where needed, no matter the order.
I ensure fast delivery time. I strive to always meet your deadline and work well under pressure and wont let any task run overtime.

Why Choose Me

has extensive knowledge of Website Development, Business Operations, Financial Management, and General Day to Day Operations.

I am continuing to grow as an individual, expanding to new industries, while focusing on life-long learning and Skills.

I have outstanding communication skills, allowing me to clearly propose ideas and effectively build positive working relationships and keeping reply time to a minimum.

Latest Reviews

Chay Levi Shields has helped me with my projects quite significantly. He has helped me get access to contacts I have not had for builders and more. He's also given me indepth advice as to what players want and can easily get into the groove of any project.
This is his name
Toby (Xilla.Tech)
Handled PayPal payments and general ticketing, Can trust Chay (ImTrash) With payment he always paid me ontime and was well organised. His Management Skill are Outstanding.

Areeb (GetClout)
I contacted Chay Shields after another website firm ripped me of ( Charging me (300 Pound) a month, He worked with me 1 on 1 to Design me a brand new website, Done meeting in person and now manages my website,hosting and website security for ALOT less, I can't thank Chay enough
Harbour Cabs 

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