Past Experiences

I was Operations Manager on CorruptedMC,
The server had 750+ players while I was actively managing.
I would manage all tickets in the discord, I would over see all staff and player reports, I would do weekly staff meetings, Create plans for the staff members to follow have Daily's meeting with our developer to make sure we are having the new feature added ontime. (Bi-Weekly Updates). I would set task for staff members to complete, I would write up detail plans for the server and regularly do Payouts and budgeting for the server, I was very active and would regular general staff the server and run weekly events to keep the players active on the Network, I actively reached out to Youtubers who would play on our server. (Paid Positions)
 Note: I was Manager/Owner They both had same permissions in game.

Gooch ARC (Panel Beater)
I have worked at Gooch ARC for 4 years now, starting in 2017, starting as a apprentice and I am now a fully qualified Panel Beater, I get along with the team at Gooch ARC very well, The teamwork is amazing and it like having another family, Proof of certification on request.


Chay Levi Shields has helped me with my projects quite significantly. He has helped me get access to contacts I have not had for builders and more. He's also given me indepth advice as to what players want and can easily get into the groove of any project.


Toby (Xilla.Tech)


Handled PayPal payments and general ticketing, Can trust Chay (ImTrash) With payment he always paid me ontime and was well organised. His Management Skill are Outstanding.


Areeb (GetClout)


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