I have many management experiences. I love working as a manager, especially because you always have something to do, Love keeping myself busy and managing staff and helping out the team, Throughout my life I developed business from the ground up. I have had numerous different responsibilities and some of them included but not limited to,
• Proposed plans and implement them
• Dealt with public relations
• Establishing a forward-thinking culture
• Pitching sales and working with investors
• Developed strategic objectives and direction

Financial Management
I can handle all financial management within the business, Some of my skills are but not limited to,
• Making sure the company has a sufficient liquidity
• Creating budgets, price calculators & accounting
• Forecasted future challenges & performances
• Analyzing every financial option
Community engagement
As a manager, I had to deal with the community.
This was something I really enjoyed doing, from creating the
discord announcements all the way up to answering
tickets created on the discord.
Not only do I work behind the scenes, I’m an actual active
player, noticing when players are annoyed by bugs, rule breakers…

Staff management
Loved to communicate with staff, actually did get some good friends
out of some servers I have staffed on.
I created staff polls to see what staff thought about additions,
Held weekly staff meetings, and always kept morale up.

I prefer joining already established servers, but I make exceptions.
If I work on a yet to release server, I have a whole plan (aka strategy)
worked out, making sure we don’t rush and have a good server.
I would help create the server, keep the community busy,
and slowly but surely start different phases (bug testing, optimization…).

Due to all my previous experiences, I have a bunch of connections such as,
• staff contacts
• Developers
• Builders
• Admins
• System Admins
• Media Connections,
• Island leaders and Many More

Screen Sharing
I have a lot off experience in screen sharing knowing where to look for cheats, finding the hidden clients and a lot of knowledge in Anydesk and other screen sharing programs 

Marketing Strail.Org
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